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Our Leadership: Tenant Coucnil

tenant council pic.jpg

CTTU is governed by the elected Tenant Council, composed of Chapter Vice Presidents who represent our chapter-based and at-large membership around the state, along with three statewide officers (President, Union Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer). Our Tenant Council is structured to ensure that our entire membership receives effective representation on the decision-making body of the statewide Union. Each affiliated chapter has the right to elect a Chapter Vice President to serve as their representative on the Tenant Council, and chapters with over 40 members may elect two.

The Tenant Council meets regularly to execute its governing duties for our statewide organization. These duties include the adoption of annual budgets, the formulation of CTTU’s plans, programs, and policies, the discussion and ratification or rejection of any change to our constitution and bylaws, the determination of statewide legislative campaign targets and strategy, and the incorporation of newly-formed local chapter unions, and more.

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