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Connecticut Tenant Union Wins Big

Here you can find out more about the history of the tenant movement in Connecticut, and read about the victories that CTTU leaders have won around the state as we've organized for tenant power.


April 2022

Blake Street Tenants Union publicly confronts exploitative lease situation under new Ocean Management landlord.

May 2022

Seramonte Tenants Union goes public, marches to North Point Management office with petition of demands signed by 220+ members calling for an end to landlord retaliation & harassment.

April 2022

Seramonte Estates Residents form Seramonte Tenants Union (STU), Hamden’s First tenant union.

June 2022

Blake Street Tenants Union pressures City, and is joined by Mayor Elicker, in a push for formal tenant union recognition & Fair Rent Commission reinvigoration in New Haven.

July 2022

Wedgewood Apartment Residents in Bloomfield for Wedgewood Tenants Union (WTU), demand Up Realty landlord accountability in the face of abhorrent, unaddressed conditions.

September 2022

Seramonte Tenants Union mounts a fight against the unconscionable 75% rent increases leveled by their absentee landlord. The union successfully pushed for an ordinance establishing a municipal Fair Rent Commission, where members demanded just housing. Using the commission, the union goes on to block $1000s worth of unjustified rent hikes that management attempted to impose on members.

August 2022

WTU members file mass complaints with health department, meet with town leaders to ensure that building hazards, health & safety concerns met

October 2022

Hartford Tenant Union members take a public stand to demand accountability for their landlord and action from city hall to enforce their rights and dignity as renters.


November 2022

In a precedent-setting display of tenant union power, Blake Street Tenants Union wins municipal recognition to become New Haven’s first legally recognized tenants union. The move comes alongside the creation of a municipal Fair Rent Commission—another win for Tenant Unions in the city, which offers a tool through which to hold landlords accountable.

November 2022

As Hartford Tenant Union continues to mount pressure on the city to address their egregious treatment by their landlord, Mayor & City Council meet with members and commit to enforcing tenants’ demands against their slumlord.

November 2022

Seramonte Tenant Union expands to become town-wide Hamden Tenant Union, adds members from neighboring complexes while keeping the heat on their negligent North Point Management landlord.

December 2022

After months of organizing and advocating at the municipal level for tenant-empowering measures in the face of calamitous malpractice by landlords, Hartford commits nearly $2 million on measures to support City’s tenants in historic victory.

December 2022

Following the campaign of public pressure mounted by the Wedgewood Tenant Union, Bloomfield commits to prioritizing tenant justice in 2023.

February 2023

Hundreds of CT tenants, union leaders, activists and allies deliver testimony in fiery, all-night public hearing to address the proposed rent cap legislation and demand accountability from elected officials in the face of an ongoing rental housing crisis driven by greed.

January 2023

225+ people from across CT attend the virtual “Cap the Rent CT” launch event, kicking off a momentous legislative campaign led by CTTU, CT DSA, CT Fair Housing Center & GHIAA, pushing for a universal cap on annual rent increases in Connecticut.

March 2023

Momentum from Cap the Rent, and the spotlight it shone on the burgeoning tenant movement in Connecticut, leads to renewed and expanded efforts of tenant union organizing throughout the state, including in Willimantic where the Windham Mills Tenant Union goes public after months of preparation. As CTTU’s then-newest chapter, WMTU immediately captures attention of media and municipal government as its members push to have egregious conditions violations addressed.


May 2023

Tenant organizing in Hartford leads city to approve the use of $1,000,000 in municipal funding for eviction relief and rent assistance amid Connecticut’s ongoing housing crisis. This victory comes on the heels of the nearly $2,000,000 already won by Hartford tenant’s in 2022, via their organizing to address unconscionably negligent conditions.

June-July 2023

Tenant union leaders from across the state convene a series of meetings to discuss and implement a new organizational structure to house the tenant movement currently sweeping the state, with the aim of establishing a militant union capable of building tenant power on a statewide scale, while supporting the local campaigns waged by affiliated union chapters.

June 2023

1476 Chapel Tenant Union forms, files with City to become New Haven’s second formally-recognized tenant union. After filing, members held a rally to publicly demand just and equitable treatment, stable rents and secure tenure–the display of tenant power was enough to compel their Ocean Management landlord into selling the property.

July 2023

CTTU holds its first annual membership convention, ratifies its constitution & bylaws, and elects its inaugural slate of officers.

August 2023

Coleman Towers tenants in Stamford, including many former co-op members, form first tenant union in Fairfield County, mount public campaign against unjustified rent hikes, unsanitary conditions, and health concerns related to their building’s ongoing renovation.

August-September 2023

BSTU takes to the streets in its ongoing campaign for a collective lease guaranteed stable rents, secure tenure, and non-retaliation from Ocean Management. Following Ocean’s attempt to intimidate TU leaders by issuing 16 no-fault notices to quit, BSTU members held a press conference, filed injunctions, and were joined by fellow CTTU members, supporters, and allies from across Connecticut in a 400+ person march from city hall to their landlord’s New Haven office. The notices were rescinded the following day.

August 2023

CTTU members come together in New Haven for first two-day intensive organizing training series, followed by union blitz targeting Ocean Management-owned properties in New Haven, spearheaded by BSTU and the 1476 Chapel Street TU.

September 2023

Tenants at 1275-1291 Quinnipiac Ave, a property owned by Ocean Management, form New Haven’s third tenant union to win recognition by the city. Members launched their chapter in the face of rodent and mold infestations, sewage crises, and other health hazards in their building, demanding responsiveness from their landlord and asserting their rights to dignified treatment and safe housing.


September-December 2023

Avon Place residents take their tenant union public, mount pressure on town government and Empire Realty landlord to address history of neglect, unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

November 2023

CTTU holds its second two-day intensive organizing training, followed by another organizing blitz in greater New Haven which kickstarts several new organizing efforts. Many participants supplement the in-person event with an online training series lead by legendary labor organizer Jane McAlevy, which CTTU leaders are able to access thanks to the union’s ongoing collaborations with SEIU.

October-December 2023

BSTU brings Ocean Management to the bargaining table for a series of historic collective bargaining agreement negotiations, becoming the second-ever tenant union to do so nationwide.

December 2023

Spurred by November’s organizing blitz, tenants at Lenox Street complex file to become New Haven’s fourth tenant union, and the 15th chapter to affiliate with Connecticut Tenants Union. Recognizing the need to build power by coming together in defense of their shared interests, when their landlord threatened mass no-fault eviction Lenox tenants stood their ground to demand just treatment and respect.

January 2024

CTTU starts the new year off strong with the public launch of the Just Cause legislative campaign for SB 143, and an intensive organizing blitz in East Hartford.

March-April 2024

After the housing committee voted in favor of SB 143, CTTU members turn out to the capitol for rallies, press conferences, and lobby days to let the legislature know how vital the fight for tenant protections is in the face of today's calamitous housing market. Meanwhile, coming off of the January blitz, the Orchard Tenant Union of East Hartford goes public as CTTU's 16th chapter.

February 2024

The Just Cause campaign has its public hearing in the housing committee, in which organized tenants and policy expert allies testified (and/or vigorously debated) legislators on the need for universal Just Cause protections.

May 2024

State Street tenant union goes public, joining the ongoing Ocean campaign. Meanwhile, the Blake Street Tenant Union pushes for tenant purchase of their complex, Parkside Village II TU escalate their fight, Orchard TU's leadership meets with East Hartford's mayor, and the Seramonte TU won a three-year fight to end predatory towing in their complex.


January 2021

Windsor Housing Authority Tenants Union Forms, Demands Safe & Stable Housing Conditions for residents.

Sept -Dec 2021

QGTU secures a major win–outstanding maintenance issues & conditions violations addressed after years of negligence. CTTU turns its sights on the City, laying the groundwork for transformative municipal mobilization in New Haven and beyond.

August 2021

Quinnipiac Gardens Tenant Union (QGTU) goes public with demands list for Pike International Management, presses LCI for inspections, accountability for landlord violations.

March 2022

Elizabeth Apartment Residents form Blake Street Tenant Union (BSTU), New Haven’s Second TU. Following its formation, BSTU pressures local government to begin dialogue on housing justice, urges New Haven mayor to pass pro-tenant legislation.

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