Tenant Unions 101

Unions aren’t just for workers

Joining a tenant union turns shared vulnerability into shared power. With strength in numbers, you can

  • Demand an end to code violations and housing discrimination

  • Resist rent increases and evictions

  • Assert your right to a safe and healthy home!

Tenant Union A group of neighbors that gather to discuss issues in their building or neighborhood and work collectively to improve their living conditions.

So you want to join a tenant union…

  1. Go to a meeting!

By meeting regularly, you can share experiences and talk about what you want to achieve together.

  1. Make demands!

This is where your shared power kicks in. Compile your demands, send them to the landlord, and insist on collective bargaining.

  1. Escalate!

Landlords might not agree to your demands instantly. Your union can turn up the heat through public pressure and direct, collective action.

Collective Bargaining

Negotiations between organized tenants and their landlord; with the power of a tenant union, both parties enter discussions on a more level playing field.

Tenant Union RighTs & Protections

Connecticut law prohibits landlords from retaliating against tenants for organizing or joining a tenant union.

This means that a landlord cannot evict you, demand a rent increase, or decrease the services you’re entitled to just for joining a union.